Our Roots in Windows,
Doors & Facade

Over the years, Venster has dedicatedly worked to curate a strong portfolio in the aluminium industry with state-of-the-art windows, doors, and facades. With our strong track record, we have been able to work with leading companies and residential projects to help them access the right aluminium frames at the right price. With excellent delivery times and friendly service, we provide the finest consultancy in the selection, design, and structure and the types of openings for windows, doors, curtain walls, and conservatory roofing systems.

Overview Product quality as the core value

At Venster Aluminium, we firmly believe that product quality is the central ingredient when it comes to earning our customers’ valuable trust. Our growth and success in the last five years are a result of our consistent and ever-improving quality.

Over the years, we have adopted a stringent quality check mechanism that allows us to ensure that every product that we deliver adheres to our standards. Further, we also integrate the principles of global quality management in our process to ensure that our benchmarks are always global!


Ensuring equitable growth for our partners, associates, and employees, making us a leading brand name in the industry


To establish a benchmark in the aluminum industry with quality, efficient, and innovative products


In a constantly advancing global environment, it is necessary to know who we are, what we do or deliver, and where we see ourselves in future

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With over 100 projects completed, Venster has built a proven track record of excellence and can guide you to achieve your goals.

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We envision that Venster Aluminium is a name synonymous with customer-centricity, trust, and innovation in the aluminum industry. We aim to positively disrupt the infrastructure market with cost-effective and unique solutions that make a strong difference to every project.